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intel.xdk.display.startAR() alternative

I'm using the startAR() and stopAR() methods in an app I'm trying to deploy.  I need this basic functionality to create a camera view for my marker overlays.  I don't need a full fledged AR SDK.  Does anyone know of a Cordova method  or plugin for XDK I can use for this functionality.  I think its interesting to note, with smart city and IOT applications evolving the need for quick AR solutions will increase to better engage with these services.  You would think Apache, Intel pr Google would take a stronger position in providing this type of functionality instead of deprecating it.  Thanks

Ajax calls not working after Build

My Http Ajax calls working fine in emulator and App Preview, but as soon I Build for IOS as hoc the Ajax calls doesn't work on the IPhone.

I'm using Tab View template with HTML5. From the included plugins by the xdk, the splashscreen, dialogs and device are currently choosen when building. I alredy set the "*" to the Access List.

Any help or input highly appreciated,  Thanks alot!

Barbara Vörös


How can I call a Web Service?


I create a web service and I want to call its from my file.js. How can I do it? When I press an enter button the webservice is run again(and take my parameter that for web service like user name and password). Actually I want to send parameter to my web service in the same time. Is it possible? If yes, How can I do it? I search on th enternet but cannot find an answer  for my question.

Keep layout on Webserver pages


I have a doubt

I set firt menu on intel xdk file and project files on

When I click on Campinas option .... goes do my website files

It asks for password to enter : Login = Carol and Pass = Zerbini10  ... all case sensitive

And It should show a list menu like first but not happening

Why ?

I copied the css diretory and set correctly ( I guess)

How can I fix this ...

Thanks in advance


Games Published With Intel XDK to google play is Not working

i Have Created a Game called Endless and I have piblished it to googlelau store. But the problem is that when you install amy game and start playing it, it doea not work at all, it does'nt even download! And somethimes, it gets stucks in the middle of the game and also if everythong oa fine, the game works very slowly,

Issue with scroll when using swipe-hammer.js (only iOS)

I was with a issue at one app with Framework7, only on iOS: the scroll did not work all the times. The page seems freezes, but some times it worked. On Android there any problem.

After a lot of tests, I commented the line

<script type="application/javascript" src="sidebar/js/swipe-hammer.js"></script>

After it, the scrool is OK, but.... of course, I can´t swipe the sidebar without the button.

The order of lines is:

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