Kit de desenvolvimento Intel® para aplicativos OpenCL™

Session Info

The session info page provides information about the application that was analyzed and the command line to run the analysis.

Debugging OpenCL™ Kernels

This topic demonstrates how to use the OpenCL™ GPU Kernel Debugger to debug an OpenCL sample application on a Microsoft Windows* OS.

To debug your OpenCL™ Kernels on GPU using OpenCL Kernel Debugger on a Microsoft Windows* OS, perform the following steps:

On the target machine, launch the Remote Debugger:

Kernel Overview

The Kernel Overview page provides data that can help you optimize your kernel code.

This section includes the API Calls report, that shows every OpenCL kernel that was launched during the program execution.

Developer Guide for Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications, version: 2017 R1

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications includes the Intel® Code Builder for OpenCL™ API. The Code Builder is a software development tool that enables development of OpenCL applications via well-known integrated development environments, targeting the Intel® Architecture processors with the Intel® Processor Graphics.

Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications is available as a standalone product, or as part of Intel Media Server Studio.

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