Kit de desenvolvimento Intel® para aplicativos OpenCL™

Debugging OpenCL™ Kernels

This topic demonstrates how to use the OpenCL™ GPU Kernel Debugger to debug an OpenCL sample application on a Microsoft Windows* OS.

To debug your OpenCL™ Kernels on GPU using OpenCL Kernel Debugger on a Microsoft Windows* OS, perform the following steps:

On the target machine, launch the Remote Debugger:

Host and Target Systems are Stuck


The host and target machine seem hung/stuck and never run to completion.

On the host machine, the host application remains in the "Running" state, seems hung/stuck and never runs to completion or hits a breakpoint in the GPU. In addition, the target machine GFX display state seems frozen/hung.

Build Artifacts

Once OpenCL™ program build is completed, the build artifacts appear under the Builds Artifacts note in the Code Builder Session Explorer. The list of artifacts includes:

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