Intel® INDE

Intel® INDE 2015 Released


Today, October 15th, Intel has released a major update to the Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE). For more information about this release, please see this article.

Download and purchasing options can be found on the Intel INDE Home Page. You can obtain the Starter Edition of the product as free download, or download a trail version the Ultimate Edition.

Intel INDE Beta program has ended

As of today, October 15th, in parallel with the official release of Intel® INDE 2015, the Intel INDE Beta program has ended. The Beta version of the product will no longer be supported, so please do not post questions about the Beta version.

If you had installed the Beta version of the product, please upgrade to Intel INDE 2015. Download and purchasing options can be found on the Intel INDE Home Page. You can obtain the Starter Edition of the product as free download, or download a trail version the Ultimate Edition.

Internal Intel users of INDE: Read Me!


If you are an internal Intel employee trying to use INDE, your username is "MAD\<my-idsid>", and your password is your normal corporate login password. This will be required both when you initially download INDE, and when you attempt to download or install products. If you have any other password issues, please contact the Intel support team, as the INDE team cannot reset your password or provide any additional information about your account and password.

Ускорение разработки приложений мультимедиа с помощью Visual Coding Framework

Intel® Corporation has just introduced a new revolutionary Intel® INDE beta feature Called Visual Coding Framework (VCF). VCF empowers developers with a high productivity and performance option for creation of visual computing centric applications via a drag and drop graph framework. This graph framework exposes simple but powerful access to many media capabilities using a range of end to end functional components. VCF features a visual design paradigm using flow graphs and delivers a runtime and SDK which supports execution on both GPU and CPU. Developers can design and prototype fully functional Android* or Windows* (or both) media workloads using the VCF Designer user interface.

OpenSouce is not working properly with OS-CentOs7.1 and NUC(D54250WYKH)

Hi All,

I have seen that media SDK  - having  invalid read and write issue. Following is the corresponding post with Valgrind log-

So, I have started writing  mpeg2 decoder using vaapi API.  And for that, I have install latest open source - libva-1.6.1,vaapi-1.6.1 , Kernel-4.2.0 ( . from

Costruzione della vostra prima app per Android* e iOS* su Apple* Mac* OS X* tramite Multi-OS Engine

This tutorial will guide you to your first cross-platform application using the Multi-OS Engine installed on Mac OSX* which we refer to as local build. You can also develop your Android* and iOS* applications in Android Studio on Windows* but in order to simulate your iOS application, you will need to remotely deploy your app to a Mac system running Xcode* (hence remote build). For this scenario, check our getting started guide with Multi-OS Engine (remote build). In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple Hello World application for Android and iOS with code-sharing between the two applications. In a real-world scenario, most of your application logic will be shared.
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  • HEVC Hardware Decoder comparison (Skylake vs Haswell)

    I have to evaluate the performance on Skylake and Haswell the Hardware decoding of HEVC.

    "sample_decode.exe" have started with the following parameters .

       sample_decode.exe h265 -i surfing.265 -o dummy -hw -p 33a61c0b4c27454ca8d85dde757c6f8e -f 30 -d3d -r

    H.265 input file (surfing.265) was downloaded from the following URL.

    I was compared to decode on Skylake and Haswell, more of Haswell was higher CPU utilization than Skylake.


    Hi there

    I'm trying to understand the functionality of:

        public void applyEffect(ByteBuffer input, long timeProgress) {
        if ( {

    this is from SubstituteAudioEffect class in the INDE mobile media samples

    1) What is the format of input I.E is it raw audio format?

    2) does input it initally contain the (raw) audio track on the media we want to apply the effect to? I.E. could I merge input with bytebuffer to create a combined audio track (addition rather than substitution)?

    Assine o Intel® INDE