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CERTIFACE E INTEL, juntos no combate às Fraudes Certiface é um aplicativo para a certificação de pessoas via web. Utiliza tecnologia de ponta em biometria facial para evitar a duplicidade das faces e combater as práticas de fraude. Seu sistema opera em nuvem, a identidade do cliente é preservada e não existe contato físico.
Success Story: Using AI to Help Visually Impaired People Identify Cash
Deep learning helps vision-impaired people identify currency and convey the value through smartphone audio.
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Develop Virtual Reality Games for Dual Markets Skydance Interactive* addresses the unique challenge of game development for both arcade use and home-based players
Enhance Media App Performance with Intel® Core™ Processors Now available as a Universal Windows* Platform application on the Microsoft* Store, the BitMar* streaming portal
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Optimize Media Apps for Improved 4K Playback The CnX Player* App Brings 10-Bit Video to the Microsoft* Store Aided by Intel®-Based Hardware Acceleration
Success Story: Enhancing Drug Discovery Methods Using Deep Learning
An innovative method for training the multiscale CNN that gives researchers a tool for discovering promising drugs.
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Intel® Parallel Studio XE | Intel® System Studio  | Intel® Media Server Studio
Adding Dimension to Data Analytics through Immersive Visualization Virtual Cove Visualizer taps the greater potential of the human mind by allowing to view data in multiple dimension
The Making of Early Access Hit They Are Billions*
Having “bold and original ideas” is the key to surviving the notoriously difficult video game industry
Practical VR: Immersive Arena Experience ADDS a Human Element
Open Source code lays the groundwork for a life arena experience designed for architects, investors and builders