Last night I released a new version of the OpenDTK v1.13. For people using Commander often, you will notice the auto-update system will pop-up on it's own. In this version, I added support for performing hardware KVM sessions using any VNC client to the Intel AMT redirection port.

In the last few weeks, I have been posting many updates to the OpenDTK, in fact version numbers are up at a swift pace and you many have noticed that the auto-update system has kicked in many times.

Note: We are now developing MeshCommander, a web based software for Intel® AMT with the goal of being able to manage Intel® AMT entirely from within a web browser and run on many operating systems. MeshCommander is on it's way to replacing the MDTK below.


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Just a few days ago I released the first version of the Open Manageability Toolkit (OpenMDTK) with Intel AMT Host Based Provisioning support. Well, I just made a bunch of fixes and released a new version with improved support.

For the last week, I have been working on adding Intel AMT Host Based Provisioning (HBP) to the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit (MDTK) and this afternoon, I posted version v0.077 with that feature added in. For people who don't know, Host Based Provisioning is a quick and easy way to setup Intel AMT 6.1 and higher.

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