Intel® Edison Wi-Fi* Guide


This document explains the configuration of the Wi-Fi* software stack on Intel® Edison development platform.  It covers

  • Wi-Fi* connections
  • Access Point setup
  • Wi-Fi* Direct

For example, it will explain how to scan available networks, auto-reconnect after a reboot, and disable power management. The reader should have a basic knowledge of the Linux* operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The complete document is in a PDF.

  • Desenvolvedores
  • Profissional
  • Linux*
  • Projeto Yocto
  • Internet das coisas
  • Avançado
  • Principiante
  • Intermediário
  • WiFi
  • wi-fi
  • Access Point
  • wifi direct
  • reconnect after reboot
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • wifi power management
  • ssh
  • WPA
  • Edison
  • ssid
  • p2p
  • ping
  • latency
  • Ad-Hoc
  • ad-hoc network
  • wpa_cli
  • dhcp
  • Internet das coisas
  • Build Peer-to-peer Android* apps with Intel® Common Connectivity Framework

    Intel® Common Connectivity Framework (Intel® CCF) is a framework designed to simplify the peer-to-peer connection between users on different devices. It works across modern operating systems (Windows*/Android/iOS*) with smart management for all wired or wireless transport layers (Ethernet*, Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth*, Wi-Fi-Direct*, etc.). All network transport layers under the application level are made transparent to developers, so developers can focus on the user interface and software experience design.

  • CCF Framework
  • cross-platform connectivity
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • background service
  • Back from HP Discover 2011

    A few months back I had the really great privilege to be invited as a speaker to HP Discover 2011 to chat about Intel vPro and how to connect it to social networks using peer-to-peer technologies. The conference was in Las Vegas at the venetian hotel and last week I went and had a wonderful time. I gave two hands-on labs, 2 hours each. HP went thru a lot of trouble to equip the lab with 48 Intel vPro laptops for people to get real life experience with the technologies. - New command line tool

    Minutes ago, I updated with a new Microsoft Windows command tool that allows administrators to perform management commands on remote meshed computers, commands like sleep, wake, hibernate and push and pull files from and to remote computers. You can also list meshes and mesh nodes from your account.

    Assine o Peer-to-Peer