DPDK Community Meetup

Silicon Valley DPDK Meetup

This is a group for engineers who enjoy developing applications for high network performance, it is all about plumbing... but for fat pipes!

This is a casual setting to collaborate, discuss, and learn more about DPDK.
Let's meetup and have fun with the Silicon Valley DPDK community, every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.

See you there!

Shall We MeetUp?

I recently attended the first Parallel Programming MeetUp in Santa Clara California at Intel HQ. The event was put on and hosted by my colleague, Parallel Computing Community Manager, Kathy Farrel. The event was attended by developers, students and academics and was both informative, in that it brought together folks from various segments of the parallel programming community, useful, in that it helped them build contacts with teach other and with Intel and fun. There was even pretty good food considering it was a corporate event ;-)

This Community Manager's First Meetup

It's 2pm and doors open in an hour for our Bay Area Parallel Programming Community Meetup here in Santa Clara. The weather today is interesting and I am axious to see who braves the very rainy weather to join us. We are here to learn what the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family means to the Parallel Programmer. We have two very knowledgeable Intel folkswith us today: Rich Hubbard, a Senior SW Engineer and a member of the SSG Apple Enabling Team, working on optimizing Mac OS apps for power and performance.

Assine o meetup