Game programming

An Introduction to Neural Networks with an Application to Games

by Dean Macri


Speech recognition, handwriting recognition, face recognition: just a few of the many tasks that we as humans are able to quickly solve but which present an ever increasing challenge to computer programs. We seem to be able to effortlessly perform tasks that are in some cases impossible for even the most sophisticated computer programs to solve. The obvious question that arises is "What's the difference between computers and us?".

  • Game programming
  • physics
  • visual computing
  • Gráficos
  • Desenvolvimento de jogos
  • A guide to optimizing graphics and games for Intel® Atom based platforms

    Ron and I just finished up the first revision of the Atom graphics developers guide. You can download it here: /en-us/articles/mobile-graphics-developers-guides

    Topics covered include:
    - Intel® Atom processor optimizations
    - Understanding graphics packaged with Inte®l Atom processor based platforms
    - Tools to help optimize and profile game/graphic applications
    - Microsoft DirectX* optimizations (most of the focus is on Microsoft Windows* for this revision of the guide)

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