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In the last week, the team has been hard at work and today we have many more features to announce. First, I want to thank everyone running Mesh servers and are giving us feedback. Many more bugs and fixes have been fixed because of reports and more to come as we are working on a new release of the Mesh agent. Today, we got 3 big ticket items to present.

Intel® and Macintosh*: Improved Performance for Developers

by John Gorman


Intel® Core™ Duo processors bring new levels of power and efficiency, plus a full spectrum of support for developers

In a natural evolution of Intel’s role as the world’s leading chipmaker, Apple has released a powerful new line of Macintosh computers featuring Intel® Core™ Duo processors-with Intel offering developers the resources and tools for a smooth, successful transition to the new platform.

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  • Solitude and Zombies: Waking up to a New Gaming Industry


    A long time ago, a mentor encouraged me to wake up earlier each day and spend some quiet time thinking about what’s going on in my life. While my job responsibilities and family were growing, my attention span was shrinking. I was becoming someone that life just “happened to.” I didn’t like it and he was tired of hearing me complain about it. So now I slow down a little each morning  to thoughtfully consider my priorities and the bigger picture of life. It’s really helped me to prioritize my time (as well as remember all my kids’ names).  

    四年再看新的Apple TV

    苹果2010秋季新品发布(美国西部时间9月1日上午10点)发布了一系列新产品,硬件方面包括新的iPod Shuffle、iPod Nano、iPod Touch、Apple TV,软件和服务方面包括游戏中心、iOS4.2、以及4.99美元的蓝光格式电影租赁服务和0.99美元的高清电视剧集租赁服务。

    先看看cnbeta的报道: 原文:

    Photo Management and Geo-tags in use

    On a recent trip (house hunting in AZ) I had occasion to take hundreds of pictures of homes.  I used my GPS to embed the geo-tag information into the images as mentioned in this blog (Photo Management – Geo Tags update).  This real-world example of using the GPS and geo-tagged images shows how useful the information can be to help with your post-trip analysis of the data.

    Наступление яблочных дней

    Давным-давно, целых двадцать три года назад, Борис Борисович Гребенщиков написал одну из многих своих пророческих песен. Она называлась "Яблочные дни". Первый куплет выглядит так.

    "Они говорили всю ночь; я говорил, как все.
    Но правду сказать, я не знаю, о чем шла речь:
    Я был занят одним,
    Тем, насколько ты близко ко мне.
    Я могу сказать тебе то,
    Что ты знала во сне;
    Я приглашаю тебя работать вместе со мной,
    Наступление яблочных дней."

    Suggestions for VW and their iPod - iPhone adapter

    A few months ago I mentioned that my VW GTI came with an iPhone-iPod adapter.  While I really enjoy it, there are a few things I wish it did.  With the hope that VW might consider some improvements I offer these suggestions. This really is a great first step but with a few improvements this would be an incredibly nice combination.  Given the state of the automotive industry in general I felt it appropriate to offer these positive suggestions.

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