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How to Make a Date Picker (Calendar) for C# in Windows 8


OK, so you are making an awesome new Windows 8* app using the C# programming language and XAML designer in Visual Studio* 2012.  You open up the designer for your XAML file and want to paste in a calendar item (DatePicker) into your app.  You peruse through the Toolbox to find that…there's nothing there out-of-the-box to do this! What should we do?  Plan B: build one!  This article shows you how!

64 bits, Wp64, Visual Studio 2008, Viva64 and all the rest...

The purpose of this article is to answer some questions related to safe port of C/C++ code on 64-bit systems. The article is written as an answer to the topic often discussed on forums and related to the use of /Wp64 key and Viva64 tool.
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  • 64-bit
  • /Wp64
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