Intel(R) C++ Compiler and Intel(R) Fortran Compiler Do not Work with XCode 5.1*

Reference Number : DPD200254375

  • Intel(R) C++ Composer XE 2013 for OS X* (including update 2)
  • Intel(R) Fortran Composer XE 2013 for OS X* (including update 2)

Problem Description:

If you have recently upgraded to the latest XCode 5.1*, the Intel C++ compiler or the Intel Fortran compiler is not integrated into XCode any more. So the existing projects that are built with Intel C++ compiler or Intel Fortran compiler will fail when building.

Solution Status:

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  • Getting Started with Intel® Fortran for Mac OS* X

    Tutorial that includes instructions for building Fortran applications with Intel® Fortran Compiler for Mac OS* X from the command line and from Xcode*, including the version of Xcode supported on Mac OS 10.6.x ("Snow Leopard").
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