PMU Performance Monitoring PerfMon

Are you experiencing issues with accessing the performance counters to measure QPI traffic on Intel Xeon processors E5 family? For examples, you might run into the following error message when you try to execute Intel Performance Counter Monitor (Intel PCM) on such a system:

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We are proud to announce that Intel Performance Counter Monitor V2.3 (Intel PCM) has been released with the following changes:

  • Support of Apple Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and OS X 10.8 ("Mountain Lion")
  • Support of FreeBSD
  • new tool for monitoring memory traffic per channel on Intel Xeon processor E5 product family.

With that Intel PCM now supports Linux, Windows (XP, 7, 8 Desktop Mode), FreeBSD and MacOS.

Intel® Performance Counter Monitor (Intel® PCM) is an API and a set of tools that should help developers to understand how their applications utilize the underlying compute platform. In this blog I will explain how to instrument the well-known STREAM benchmark with library functions of Intel® PCM reading statistics directly from integrated memory controllers available on the latest Intel® Xeon® 5500, 5600, 7500 and Core™ processor series.

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