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Hi! I am the director of the University Collaborative Research in Intel Labs. I am starting up a series of blogs featuring the latest highlights of our collaborative research with universities around the world. I am not going to be doing “computer research for dummies,” but I will be writing about the latest exciting research topics in an easy-to-understand form. No jargon? Ok, maybe just a little. But, no matter what your level of tolerance for engineer-speak, I think you will find these topics interesting, informative, and thought provoking.

River Trail: Parallel Web Applications

In a world where the web browser is the user's window into computing, browser applications must leverage all available computing resources to provide the best possible user experience. Today web applications do not take full advantage of parallel client hardware due to the lack of appropriate programming models.

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  • Research at Intel 2011

    Research@Intel Days was June 7th and 8th, 2011. The event highlighted the latest technology innovation research from Intel researchers in the areas of cloud computing, visual computing, HPC, mobile computing, platform innovations, and security.
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