Tim Duncan

Stunned by Sensors – Starting my Ultrabook Training

As an avid fan of all things Star Trek*, I can’t help but hear Mr. Spock’s voice when I read about all these sensors we have watching and helping us in our lives today. Unfortunately as a developer, I usually feel like the guy in the red shirt on the away party when Spock says, “Sir, sensors indicate we are clear to send Mr. Duncan into the cave”. The cave in which I am then killed by the monster that extracts all the salt from my body. The real nightmare is that I’m the guy responsible for the monster detection code.

New video, Community Member at Large Chosen, Odds and Ends...

Our community has snagged some new high-quality stuff lately starting with Shmuel Gershon's dynamically entitled blog: "Intel KVM: This is your SOL on Steroids". Shmuel is pretty knowledgeable about this new Intel® AMT™ feature, to be available on some 2010 platforms, and a big fan as well.

Assine o Tim Duncan