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Parallel algorithm to solve Maximum Independent Set problem (Trouger, Zhejiang University)

The included source code finds a Maximum Independent Set (MIS) of a given graph, as described in the included problem description text file. The solution uses a modification to a max-clique algorithm found in a code library from University of Jilin, China. The algorithm uses a depth-first search component. This part of the algorithm is parallelized by assigning several recursive calls to the depth-first code on threads. The code is parallelized using Windows Threads.

Parallel algorithm to solve a Hamiltonian Path problem variation (Travelling Baseball Fan) (Alina N. Ciorogar )

The included source code implements a variation of the Hamiltonian Path problem, called the Travelling Baseball Fan Problem, as described in the included problem description text file. The code first determines if a Hamiltonian cycle exists in the input graph. If so, a search for a schedule is done with an iterative backtracking search. For parallelization, threads divide up the iterations of the schedule search. The parallelization was done with C# threads. The code was intended for Windows OS and includes Microsoft Visual Studio solution and project files to build the application.

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