Video: How to Configure and Un-configure an Intel® vPro™ technology client (Intel® AMT) inside the MEBx Menus

If you have just purchased and Intel® AMT Client and are wondering how to get started managing your new system, you can watch this short ~10 minute video on how to quickly configure Intel AMT. This video also demonstrates how to unconfigure Intel AMT from inside the MEBx environment.

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理解Intel® AMT的PSK配置

在通过大企业(Enterprise)模式来配置Intel® AMT时,为了保证配置过程中的数据传输的安全性,配置服务器到AMT的连接必须采用TLS的加密传输方式。Intel® AMT一开始就支持TLS-PSK(预共享密钥)的方式来加密配置服务器到AMT的通信数据,在AMT相关文档中经常提到的PID/PPS就是应用这种模式。

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