Four Ways Dropbox Can Help Developers Be More Productive

Dropbox is a freemium service that offers four basic tools: file synchronization, file versioning, file sharing, and remote backup of files.  It’s an extremely powerful tool for developers especially; as it enables coders to quickly sync their coding projects across networks, multiple operating systems, and a whole host of devices. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how Dropbox can simplify common coding tasks and help developers become even more productive.

Резервное копирование: скорость или невидимая легкость?

На днях я затеял переезд с винчестера на винчестер. Задача осложнялась тем, что старый HDD был системным и на нем обитало три раздела разной величины. Будь система старой и замусоренной, я бы выделил выходные и переустановил ОС и весь софт заново. Но, к счастью, с прошлого ноября Windows 7 не успела скрючиться под грудами отходов собственной же жизнедеятельности, и потому счел возможным клонировать весь диск целиком.

New Years Resolution: Back up your Home Data Regularly

Many of us have Corporate IT managed systems that include automated backup processes.  That’s great for work systems and makes economic sense for the company.  How about your systems at home?  What are you doing to protect your personal and family data?  I’ll suggest a few things you might want to consider.

Photo Management with your Computer. Part 1

With nearly all photography digital, how you manage your images has become something of an issue.  I’ve taken over 110,000 images in the last 10 years, and have some methods that work to stay organized.  I want to first discuss some of the general concepts and then share the software tools and work-flow I’ve been using.

Assine o backup