local access

Local access to the Intel AMT Web UI

Prior to Intel® AMT 6.1, if you wanted to connect to the AMT Web UI, it had to be done remotely.  Starting with Intel® AMT 6.1 we are able to connect to the WebUI locally.  If your system has AMT 6.0 firmware, check with your OEM's support site and there might be a newer 6.1 or 6.2 version of the FW available.

Requirements for local access:

  • Administrator with User Rights
  • Intel AMT must be enabled in order to log in to Web UI
  • Intel AMT 6.1 or higher

Requirements for remote access:

Manage iAMT Locally via a Router

When we want to access all iAMT features, we must connect ME and send commands from another computer via a network cable. Although some iAMT features can be accessed from HOST OS directly, some very useful features like: System Defense, Agent Presence, IDER, Storage/Network/Security Administration are not able to.

Assine o local access