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90 errors in open-source projects

There are actually 91 errors described in the article, but number 90 looks nicer in the title. The article is intended for C/C++ programmers, but developers working with other languages may also find it interesting.
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  • Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security Management of Distributed Transactions

    Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security Management of Distributed Transactions

    Dr. Rao Mikkilineni
    Kawa Objects Inc.
    IEEE Member
    Los Altos, USA

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  • Intel® Virtualization Technology: Best Practices for Software Vendors


    As companies continue to strive to meet expanding goals with smaller budgets, they increasingly turn to virtualization as a means to consolidate servers. Successful reduction in server count by these means enables organizations to decrease capital expenditures in the form of equipment and facilities costs, as well as ongoing operating expense in areas such as power, cooling, and support.

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  • To VT-D or Not to VT-D? A guide on whether to Utilize Direct Device Attach in your Virtualized System?

    Intel VT-D Direct Device Attach allows a Virtual Machine to control an entire PCI-E device (e.g. NIC) while bypassing any VMM interference. The performance benefit will be a dramatic reduction in CPU utilization, but the precise gain will vary.
  • VT-D Passthrough DDA Direct Device Attach I/O NIC Network Virtualization
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  • Intel® Active Management Technology on Virtualized PCs: Expected behavior and Best Known Methods for using Intel® AMT with client virtualization


    There are several key differences one must consider when using Intel Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) features on a virtualized client. Those differences, along with Intel’s recommendations, are discussed in this article. It is important to understand those differences in order to adjust the IT processes when managing virtualized clients with Intel Active Management Technology.

    The discussion in this paper only applies to client virtualization solutions that support Intel AMT.


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