Stunned by Sensors – Starting my Ultrabook Training

As an avid fan of all things Star Trek*, I can’t help but hear Mr. Spock’s voice when I read about all these sensors we have watching and helping us in our lives today. Unfortunately as a developer, I usually feel like the guy in the red shirt on the away party when Spock says, “Sir, sensors indicate we are clear to send Mr. Duncan into the cave”. The cave in which I am then killed by the monster that extracts all the salt from my body. The real nightmare is that I’m the guy responsible for the monster detection code.

“Dead in Five Years”: The Reports of the Tablet’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

In a recent interview with at the Milken Institute Conference, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins gave his opinion of where tablets might be going in the next five years, sparking a virtual firestorm of heated discussions all over the Web:

Сенсоры грядут

На прошедшем недавно Intel Developer Forum 2012 в Пекине компания Intel и ее партнеры продемонстрировали новые ультрабуки, одной из отличительных особенностей которых (не считая дизайна и наличия сенсорного экрана) является наличие сенсоров.

Assine o Ultrabooks