Optimization Tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript*


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are quickly becoming developers’ languages of choice for cross-product and cross-platform development. Many of the applications destined for app stores are converted HTML, JavaScript, and CSS applications that now run the HTML natively. This situation, new to many application developers, requires new tools and technique to optimize applications for power and performance. This paper discusses how application developers and web developers can optimize for performance and power using some of the optimization tools Intel provides.

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    Ultimate Coder Challenge: Sixense Studios - Final Week

    Is this really the final blog?  It’s chip reporting in once again, and I can’t believe how quickly these eight weeks have gone by.  It’s amazing to see how much the Ultimate Coders have been able to accomplish in such a short time.  And that is truly an appropriate name: “Ultimate Coders”.  I’m shocked, humbled, and inspired by the work these teams have been able to accomplish. We’re certainly proud of what our team has put together, and I hope you all are too. 

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