Software Design

Parallel Design Patterns

In this 2 hour module, participants will learn about design patterns that are helpful in paralleling common application types. Participants will be able to describe the concepts behind design patterns and parallel design patterns. Given serial code or algorithms, participants can choose the better Algorithm Structure design pattern (either Task Parallelism or Geometric Decomposition) to be used in threading the code and defend their choices.

Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling Continue

I am posting this as a response to all comments to a previous post called “Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling”.

That post created a live discussion that also continued to forums on other websites. It seems that we got so used to OOP and OOD that it sounds like it is the only way to go, making it difficult to ask questions about it. The live discussion just shows that there are many schools of programming even though OOP was considered the last big thing (with C++, Java, C#, etc.)

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