Courseware - Data Structures

  • Representation of numeric data
  • Range, precision, and rounding errors
  • Arrays
  • Representation of character data
  • Strings and string processing
  • Runtime storage management
  • Pointers and references
  • Linked structures
  • Implementation strategies for stacks, queues, and hash tables
  • Implementation strategies for graphs and trees
  • Strategies for choosing the right data structure



Parallel implementation of Multi-List data structure (spillner)



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  • Desenvolvimento de jogos
  • Computação paralela
  • Parallel Solution to Cat-and-Mouse strategy game problem (RuiDiao)

    The included code and white paper provides a parallel solution for enumerating the total number of possible wins, losses, and draws for a two-person strategy game. A Cat and Mouse move on a directed graph; the Cat attempts to catch the Mouse, while the Mouse attempts to occupy a goal node within the maximum number of moves allowed. The solution to this problem makes use of the A* heuristic search algorithm. Parallelism is achieved using Intel Cilk Plus.

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