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Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 2: Demos, proof of concept, and visual effects

Week 2 of the Ultimate Coder Challenge is now behind us, and quite frankly, it’s amazing that we’re only at week 2 with the amount of progress that has been made: playable demos, workable frameworks, and actual renderings of 3D/perceptual computing technology in action have all been presented this week.  Here’s what our challengers have been up to:


Ultimate Coder Week 3 - For Those About To Rock

Week 2

Well, it's week 2 now and development is carrying on apace. I've managed to get a fair bit into Huda in the first week, so the question has to be asked "Will Peter manage to maintain this awesome pace?" We all know that was the question you wanted to ask, but were far too nice to ask, so we'll take it as read, shall we?

One platform layer to rule them all: Ultimate Coder Challenge

There is a fundamental problem when creating new hardware: you need software using it before anyone is willing to buy it. The problem with getting software written for new hardware, is that no one wants to put in the time to build applications using hardware that no one has bought yet. This chicken and egg problem has killed lots of cool hardware, from anyone who hasn't had the skills to develop their own killer apps, or the clout to convince the world that every one will buy their hardware. My first week of work on the challenge has been dedicated to trying to solve this problem.

Face Tracking, Depth Sensors, Flying and Art = Progress! Ultimate Coder Challenge

This week our team made a ton of progress on our game Kiwi Catapult Revenge. In their posts, the judges made some suggestions that the projects we are undertaking are ambitious and are perhaps a bit more than what can be accomplished in seven weeks. We have to agree that none of the teams are taking the easy way out, and we feel that because everyone is taking on such lofty goals it will only spur on more creativity from the entire group of competitors.

Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Week 2 Ultimate Coder Challenge

Good morning and thanks for popping in to our cozy little corner of the blogosphere, it's week two of the Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual Challenge and I'm here to give you the low-down on what we've been up to!

I've just made a warm pot of tea and have managed to find a single perfectly formed biscuit in the tin (Rob's brutish foraging has left most of them in pieces, what a crime!) but I've got what I need to get comfortable and reveal all…

Ultimate Coder - The first week of development

Week 1

Well, this is the first week of coding for the Perceptual Computing challenge, and I thought it might be interesting for you to know how I'm approaching developing the application, what I see the challenges as being, and any roadblocks that I hit on the way. I must say, up front, that this is going to be a long post precisely because there's so much to put in here. I'll be rambling on about decisions I make, and I'll even post some code in for you to have a look at if you're interested.

Big ideas meet cautionary advice in week 1 of Ultimate Coder Challenge

Week 1 of Ultimate Coder is behind us and it’s been another exciting start to the Ultimate Coder Challenge.  Challengers, for the first time, exposed their ideas and approaches to building  futuristic applications where the mere waving of hands, tracking of eyes, or speaking out loud control the app experience.

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