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The Sesame Street Guide to Developing Touch-Based Apps for Kids: Part 2

In part one of this series on making touch-based apps for kids, we talked about a fascinating research project that Sesame Street’s technology development arm released on best practices when developing touch-based apps for children. In that first article, we looked at what the primary objectives should be, interactive design suggestions, and the most common touch gestures that most children use when within an app.

The Sesame Street Guide to Developing Touch-Based Apps for Kids: Part 1

Sesame Street, the iconic show that has made learning fun for millions of children around the world for decades, isn’t just about puppets, ABC’s, and the number of the day. The company also has a dedicated app development and technology arm that is behind some pretty amazing games and apps that reinforce the learning concepts that Sesame Street is known for.

Adding Multi-Touch Support in Unity* Windows* Apps

Someone asked me recently how to take advantage of multi touch in Unity apps running on Windows 7 & Windows 8 desktop.  I remember saying things like “it should be really easy”, and “Someone must have done that” and “go look for a plugin”.  He came back and told me he couldn’t find one, so I looked myself and sure enough lots of people wanted one but nobody had one that they were willing to admit.  So, time to start rooting about in code.

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