compatibility with GNU compilers

Intel® Compilers for Linux*: Compatibility with GNU Compilers

This paper describes compatibility between the Intel® Compilers for Linux* and the GNU* compilers in terms of source, binary and command-line compatibility. The Intel® C++ and Fortran Compilers help make your software run at top speed on Intel's platforms, including those based on IA-32 and Intel® 64 architectures. The compilers also provide compatibility with commonly used Linux* software development tools.

  • Linux*
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Intermediário
  • Compilador C++ Intel®
  • Compilador Fortran Intel®+
  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition
  • gcc compatibility
  • GNU compatibility
  • compatibility with GNU compilers
  • Emberson beta program
  • Assine o compatibility with GNU compilers