App Show 36: Coding a High Scores Board in HTML5 for Windows 8

In this App Show I take the full show to walk us though HTML5 code for creating a locally stored high scores leader board. I walk you thru his javascript and demos a game using the high score feature. Note: Full blog and code examples available from this blog post: 

App Show 34: Live from Day 3 of IDF 2012 Recap

The Intel AppUp® developer portal is no longer available for submitting apps. For additional information, please read the following article:

In this episode of the Intel App Show for Developers, we hear from hosts Bob Duffy and Rhonda Peters at IDF 2012 in San Francisco. In this episode, they discuss the Day 3 keynote, multiple demos, and show off one of the apps built by an Ultimate Coder Challenge competitor.

App Show 32: Enabling New Experiences, Day 1 IDF 2012

Bob and Rhonda are together again to host the Intel App Show at IDF 2012.  In this episode they review the keynote, looking at a variety of new Ultrabook form factors, futuristic speech and gesture inputs, NFC credit card payments via Ultrabooks, and a new Perceptual Computing SDK. Bob also takes time to interview Chris Skaggs and Lee Bamber, two Black Belts and Ultimate Coders who performed live coding demos in the decompression lounge,

Intel App Show for Developers

Tune in for the Intel App Show for Developers. Join host and Ultrabook Community Manager Bob Duffy along with various Intel guests every two weeks for a new episode of the Intel App Show for Developers. Each show features intriguing developer interviews, app reviews, program news, and other interesting information about developing apps for Intel devices like the Ultrabook.
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