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Capturing, Handling, Displaying, and Sharing Images in an Android App

With advances in imaging technology and tighter software integration in devices, users are turning to their smartphone or tablet as the primary camera used in their daily workflow.  Some popular actions users are performing are around capturing and sharing images taken with the onboard camera.  Integrating image capture and image sharing actions inside of an app saves the user time and gives a content focused experience that keeps a user in the app.

Android SDK 的一个bug ------ parameters.getFocusDistances 无法使用(被拍摄物体和摄像头之间的距离无法测量)



<SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 18px">@Override

    public void onAutoFocus(boolean success, Camera camera) {


        Camera.Parameters parameters = camera.getParameters();

Jumping for Intel's Burst-mode Camera on Intel Android Devices

[This post is a short version  of a blog wrote by Eric Adam, Android Product Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) with Intel]

I’ve been working on Android for a year now and I can see a dramatic shift in the attitude of people towards Intel’s work on Android.  Now that Intel have actual products shipping with competitive power, I can see the momentum and excitement building around Android on x86.  There is so much Intel is doing which includes:

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