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App Show 36: Coding a High Scores Board in HTML5 for Windows 8

In this App Show I take the full show to walk us though HTML5 code for creating a locally stored high scores leader board. I walk you thru his javascript and demos a game using the high score feature. Note: Full blog and code examples available from this blog post: http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/10/23/local-storage-high-score-board-in-html5-for-winrt-and-desktop 

HTML5 High Scores Board for WinRT and Desktop Ultrabook apps

One neat thing about HTML5 is the ability to store data locally, and a common use for that is creating a high score board for your game.  The following is how I recently deployed this.  This code is working in my WinRT app however it could be done in a pure HTML5 app running for PC desktop by simply swapping out the file read and write portions.  I broke down the process into 5 steps

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