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Not built in a day - lessons learned on Total War: ROME II

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Not Built in a Day – Lessons Learned on Total War: Rome* II [PDF 935KB]


The developers at Creative Assembly had a challenge: How could they get Total War: ROME* II to play well across a wide range of Intel® systems without compromising the game aesthetics? This case study details how the game takes best advantage of low-power systems, while still scaling up to look and run fantastic on more robust systems.

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  • Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps

    Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps use a new technique that allows a developer to generate real-time adaptively sampled shadow representations for transmittance through volumetric media.  This new data structure and technique allows for generation of dynamic, self-shadowed volumetric media in realtime rendering engines using today’s DirectX 11 hardware.

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