Music as means of an escape: harmonious benefits made easy.

In the course of daily life, little can feel harmonious. We deal with work stress, hectic schedules, commutes, families, and time constraints to fit everything in. We try to remember the importance of incorporating ways to de-stress. Some people enjoy getting lost in a book. Others make time early each morning for exercise. But most of us have a diverse set of interests that we make time for – just as an escape.

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  • Reel to reel becomes the real deal. Edit your footage like a pro.

    You get a certain feeling of warmth when tuning into old family home movies. Beyond watching a parent as a young child or even seeing your grandparent in younger days, is just the vintage-style of it all transforming us to another time in the life of our family. Life somehow seemed simpler then, and it’s fun to set aside an evening where a group gets together just to view such videos.

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  • Mob2b participa do 17º Encontro Locaweb de Profissionais de Internet ao lado da Intel

    Sorocaba, 23 de junho de 2015 - Na última quinta-feira (18.06), o Mob2b, subdivisão da Smyowl focada em aplicativos e soluções corporativas, marcou presença no 17º Encontro Locaweb de Profissionais de Internet, realizado na Fecomercio, em São Paulo. A convite da Intel, Thais Barros Beldi, CEO do Mob2b e a equipe de marketing e vendas da empresa apresentaram a solução corporativa Mob2b aos participantes do evento, ampliaram contatos comerciais e iniciaram conversas por novas parcerias com empresas e desenvolvedores de tecnologia de todo o país.

    Maximum memory for GEN is only 80 MB ?

    Is the maximum size for OpenCL only 80 MB ?

    First, CPU allocates the memory using aligned_malloc().
    CPU then does some processing on the memory, then OpenCL kernel is executed on GEN GPU.
    Before OpenCL execution on GEN, clCreateBuffer() is executed using CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR flag.
    OpenCL kernel on GEN will do some stuff and write results on the memory, then CPU will postprocess the memory.

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