Floating point reproducibility across devices

Hi all,

Is there a way to get reproducible float results from kernels across all devices?

I'm running an OpenCL kernel on different devices (different CPUs and GPUs), and the computation results for floats differ.

On a system with an i7-3770 CPU, its integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU, and an AMD Capeverde GPU, all possible combinations of OpenCL platform (AMD or Intel) and device lead to bit-by-bit identical results.


现在开发者可以简便地整合第三方服务的API来使应用变现或整合后端服务来创建内容更加丰富多彩的应用。英特尔®XDK使开发者能够便捷地在应用中加入上百种开源的第三方Cordova*插件,以及Android*, iOS*, Window 8*平台上的各种专有插件。



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  • Linux support for GPU on intel Core Processor

    Hi All,

    I am taking investigation on intel OpenCL developing under linux.

    I found the release note (Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2014) did not listed GPU of Core Processor as the target platform under linux or android.

    So is that mean there is no chance to run opencl application on GPU of Core Processor under any distribution of linux, even with SDK on Ubuntu?

    Thanks a lot!

    A new comer of OpenCL computing


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    The Intel® Code for Good Math Game Event was a rather ambitious undertaking for two reasons. First, the topic of math and figuring out a strategy to make it fun and educational is a tough mission in and of itself. Secondly, the hackathon was a coordinated event involving interns and volunteers at three different Intel® sites over the weekend of July 19 and 20, 2014.

    kernel crashes with access violation on windows 7


    Below is a kernel that crashes with an access violation on windows 7 with latest intel opencl sdk,

    targeting a nehalem quad core CPU.

    Actually, the kernel as written will not crash, but if you uncomment the image write line, then it will.

    Also, if you uncomment the image write and comment the image read, then it is fine.

    I am using a 2048x2048 image to run this on.  

    You may also download the complete visual studio project at:



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