Microsoft Windows* 8.x

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In the following code:

Tuning Algorithm Performance and Energy Utilization using the Intel® Power Gadget API on Mac OS X*

Application developers striving to deliver the fastest and most efficient applications have a new tool in their optimization toolkit, the Intel Power Gadget 2.5. The Intel Power Gadget is a software-based estimation tool for applications running on 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors. It’s available on the Microsoft Windows* and Mac* OS X operating systems. The Intel Power Gadget is a great tool that provides real-time data on processor frequency and estimated processor package power.

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  • OpenFileMapping between C++ and Fortran

    Hi, Im trying to get a C++ and Fortran program to send each other data. I have used the example successfully. Right now Im trying to port the "second process" to fortran code.

    I'm not very expirienced in win32 programming let alone fortran so pardon my ignorance if any.

    Here's the fortran side of things:

    PROGRAM secondprocess

    download compaq visual fortran 6.6

    I have bought a CVF professionnal 6.6 about ten years ago. I need to reinstall it. I have with me the licence agreement with a licence number ( XXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXX) but I have not found the CD. I have expected to find easily the dat on the web. but I was unsuccessful. Do you know any way to get the necessary files?

    many thanks in advance


    An Intel® Atom™ Processor Designed for Windows* 8 Tablets

    The recently launched Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 is a highly integrated, dual core system-on-a-chip (SoC). The Z2760 processor was designed with many features and benefits for tablets running Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. In a small 14mmx14mm chipset package size, the Z2760 processor can fit in a thin and light tablet form factor, as small as 8.5mm thin and 1.5 pounds in weight.

    long library build times

    Building my .lib files has started taking a very long time and I don't understand why.  It can take about 8 minutes now to create the 64 bit libraries.  The actual libraries are about 19MB in size.  About 1500 subroutines.  It seems they used to build about about 1-2 minutes and there may be a few more routines, but nothing large.  When I watch it in the task manager I see xilink.exe is doing over 40 GB or I/O reads.  That would appear to be the problem,  but I don't know what I could be doing to cause this.  Any help getting this reduced would be appreciated. 

    How to use PARAMETERS in a DATA statement?

    Suppose I have:

    Real*8 x(3,6)
    data x/18*1.D0/
    This compiles fine, but what if I want the 6 to be in a PARAMETER
    statement? i.e. REAL*8 x(3,NPLAN), where NPLAN is a PARAMETER.
    I cannot find a way to modify the DATA statement accrodingly.

    In a FORMAT statement, we can use the <> brackets to insert a variable,
    but apparently DATA statements have no such provision.

    Is there a way around this?

    Windows* 8: Написание многопоточных приложений для магазина Windows с помощью Intel® Threading Building Blocks

    Как известно, в программном интерфейсе приложений для магазина Windows (Windows Store* apps) отсутствуют многие функции работы с потоками, начиная с CreateThread() и заканчивая работой с TLS ключами. И это отличный повод перейти от параллелизма, основанного на системно-зависимых потоках к параллелизму, основанному на задачах.

    Assine o Microsoft Windows* 8.x