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How to call a subroutine in a project from a different project

i have a project which has two subprojects in the visual studio.

one project contains the subroutine. another project contains the calling programs that call above subroutines.

When I call the subroutine say maxmin, it gives error saying "...unresolved external symbol _maxmin in the MAIN program"

Any help is highly appreciated.

ifort is not recognized

Hello gentlemen,

I'm trying to use subroutine in MSC.Marc 2010. I've done all requirements that was written in MARC installation guide:

Install MVS 2005 +SP1, with MKL library, then

Install Fortran compiller ver. 10.1(MARC2010 need this version of compiller)

Then, I checked environmental variables path for ifort and lib_path. There are path to ifort.exe and libraries for fortran dll's.

XE12--> XE13 : performance issue when reading files


  I have a program that read quite big files (~ 100 Mo). Reading time was not a problem until I updated to XE 13. Below is a part of the program that is now very slow. 

XE12 --> 0.03 s  (clock time)

XE13 --> 5.50 s  (clock time)  , whatever the update  (13.0 , 13.1.1 ... )



call chrono2%start()

do ihdg=1, nbhead

„Connected Standby“-Tuning für eine noch längere Akkulaufzeit

Neben dem Standby, Ruhezustand und „Aus“-Modus gibt es ab Windows 8 einen neuen vierten Modus namens Connected Standby. Der neue Modus ist hauptsächlich für Notebooks und Tablets gedacht. Die Idee dahinter ist einfach: Das Gerät befindet sich zwar im Tiefschlaf und verbraucht weniger als ein Watt, dennoch können Windows Store Apps in regelmäßigen Abständen weiterhin mittels Hintergrundaufgaben (Background Tasks) mit der Außenwelt kommunizieren. Für die klassische Desktop-Software wird allerdings kein Zugriff gewährt. Diese befinden sich in einem festen Schlafmodus.

IMSL library: Crash in function surface_fitting

Have a big issue with surface_fitting routine: It doesn't accept fine grid of spline breakpoints. I attached simplest possible project to demonstrate this issue. IF 11.0 Project contains file surface_fitting_ex1.f90 that ships with IMSL. In this code Integer parameter ngrid specify number of knots in a grid of breakpoints. Code ships with ngrid=9 on 2X2 square grid. 

.for files do not compile in mixed C++/FORTRAN Windows DLL

I am trying to migrate a WIN32 DLL that includes C++ and FORTRAN modules from Compaq Visual FORTRAN to Intel Visual FORTRAN with Microsoft Visual Studion 2012  The FORTRAN modules currently compile as a "Custom Build Tool" from the command prompt.  I was hoping that by upgrading to the Intel compiler that the FORTRAN modules would be recognized as a registered build item but that does not appear to be the case.  I do not see a way to select the FORTRAN compiler from the property pages.

using the preprocessor to generate DLLEXPORT of procedures

Hi all, I develop a library coded in Fortran, which should also be compiled as a dll. For this I'm using Intel(R) Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 Update 6 Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010, 12.1.3514.2010 I'm still new to Fortran but according to my strong C/C++ insticts I want to, as usual in C, generate the DLLEXPORT magic lines by the preprocessor. So intuitively I tried the following: #define dll_export( procId ) !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT, DECORATE, ALIAS : #procId :: procId #define dll_procArgs !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES REFERENCE ...

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