Microsoft Windows* 8.x

Compiler Commands

(SDK only)

The following table lists available MPI compiler commands and the underlying compilers, compiler families, languages, and application binary interfaces (ABIs) that they support.

Table 2.1-1 The Intel® MPI Library Compiler Drivers

Compiler Command

Underlying Compiler

Supported Language(s)


You can select a profile library through the -profile option of the Intel® MPI Library compiler drivers.

You can also create your own profile as <installdir>\<arch>\etc\<profile_name>.conf

The following environment variables can be defined there:

PROFILE_PRELIB - libraries (and paths) to include before the Intel® MPI Library

Global Options

-machinefile <machine file>

Use this option to control the process placement through <machine file>. The total number of processes to start is controlled by the -n option.

A machine file is a list of fully qualified or short host names, one name per line. Blank lines and lines that start with # as the first character are ignored.

Local Options

-n <# of processes> or -np <# of processes>

Use this option to set the number of MPI processes to run with the current arg-set.

-env <ENVVAR> <value>

Use this option to set the <ENVVAR> environment variable to specified <value> for all MPI processes in the current arg-set.

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