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  • Unexpected "error #6773: An equals sign (=) is invalid in this context" with use of structure constructor in a named constant

    The following simple code gives unexpected "error #6773: An equals sign (=) is invalid in this context" with the use of structure constructor in a named constant, but the error doesn't occur in an assignment statement.

    Change in behavior of derived-type component initialization expressions

    The following program compiles and runs with Intel Visual Fortran versions 10.1 through 14.0:


          INTEGER :: I => 0
       TYPE(MYTYPE) :: X
       WRITE(*,*) X%I

    However, in versions 15 & 16 it fails with the following message:

    testtype.f90(4): error #6680: A constant is not permitted in this context.   [0]

    LAPACK compilation

    I am trying to compile source code utilising the Intel Math Kernel Library Version 11.3 and the latest Parallel Studio V16.0. When I add the following statement:

    include 'lapack.f90'

    in the variable declaration section of the file and try to compile the file I get the following error messages:

    Dialog box with a variable number of controls

    I am writing a Fortran Console application that uses a single dialog box. The box contains a variable number of checkbox controls; i.e. the program must add and remove checkboxes. Not having much experience with this--and not even sure it is possible--I am contemplating a brute force approach where my program directly edits the resource.rc file. An excerpt from this file (an example dialog that contains two checkbox controls) is

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