Debugger Not Working

I recently recently received a new Corporate PC with Windows 7 (I know, it's old). Since the old Compaq VF won't work on W7 we installed Intel Composer XE 2013 with Visual Studio 2012. My problem is that even though a program compiles and runs, I can't debug it.

Forum connectivity problems

Over the last couple of days, I often get an error in Internet Explorer 9 while trying to connect to IDZ forums.  The rendered html says something to the effect of, ".. sorry, but it appears out site is down.."

With Google Chrome, I get strange error while trying to log into my profile.

If I run a cleanup utility to clear all my temporary internet files, cookies, cache, etc., then I am able to connect again for some time before the problem reappears.

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

problem with openmp directives in gedit/emacs

Hello everyone,

I am facing an awkward situation. I am trying to run a f90 program in Linux with ifort and since it has openmp directives I compile it with the -openmp-report1 option to see that whether the blocks have been successfully parallelized.

The problem  is that gedit doesn't recognize the openmp directive:

!$omp parallel do etc.

it treats it as a comment. Anyone has an idea about it? I also tried

Setting upper and lower limits to integer variable values


I would like to create a Percentage Type variable that can only have integer values between 0 and 100.  I can't see a way of specifying such a type.  The only limits that I can see are those that can be applied is to dimensions, not values.  Am I missing something, please?

F77 Data statement to F90 parameter - something not quite right

Here I go again - messing w/ F77 code from the late 90s.  This little subroutine has been converted to F90 but something's not quite right w/ the conversion of the 2 DATA statements.  The parameter statement I have "seems" right but compiler gives:

Error: The shapes of the array expressions do not conform.   for [UPCASE],  [LWCASE], [INDCHECK] & [RUNSTREAM]

Strangely, this line gives no compiler error but doesn't seem equivalent:

character(1), parameter :: UPCASE = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', lwcase = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'

Visual Fortran run-time error

I am in the process of running a exe file, and shortly after the start of the running the exe stops running and displays a WIndows box headed 'Visual Fortran run-time error' with the following message:

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

Image PC Routine Line Source

roughcal.exe 00412E76 Unknown  Unknown  Unknown 

The message only appears when I try to run this exe file. Other .exe files are ok and run very well.

Anyone know how to deal with this problem?

Stack Trace


   I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my program because I caught an segmentation fault.I would like to know I can debug it to get the complete stack trace (which options). I also would like to know if I can do that using devenv.exe at the command prompt for any executable without opening the IDE



write(*,*) in function called by another write(*,*)


I used to put some "write(*,*)" in my code when I want quick and easy checks of what is happening.

Today I encountered an error while doing this with ifort :

Here the sample program :

program test
implicit none

write(*,*) func(),func()


function func()
real(8) :: func
write(*,*) "Inside func"
end function func

And the output:

 forrtl: severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit -1, file unknown

Assine o Fortran