Character String Length Problems

To the Intel Forum,

I'm converting a Compaq Fortran code to compile and run under Intel Fortran XE 2013 SP1 (M/S Windows 7)  However, I seem to be having some very basic Character String length problems when using the debug tool under Intel Fortran 2013. For example:


ACS = 'Pitch'

give an error, or even inserting a character from one string into another with I=3,

WFILE(1:1) = NAME(I:I)

also generates an error under Debug step through.

Q about debugging difficulty

I am debugging a program, and I get a breakpoint, apparently because of an out-of-range subscript.

Anyway, when I open the relevant subroutine, isn't it supposed to SHOW me where the breakpoint occurred?

(It is mentioned in the OUTPUT pane.) but it doesn't show me where in the CODE listing.

I also wanted to put the cursor on some variables that would show me their contents

so I can track down why it occurred. But I don't get anything regarding what is stored in any of them.

Error when build Fortran Project in Xcode


Hi, I have Mac Yosemite 10.10.3, Xcode 6.3 and Fortran composer_xe_2015.3.187.

I could build my project in command line using this command:

"/opt/intel/bin/ifort -static-intel -dynamiclib -openmp *.o -o libsamplesize.dylib"

I tried to use Xcode to debug as there is some issue with memory management,

this is my first time to use Xcode for Fortran project, I have followed instruction

how to create Fortran project in Xcode and linked "libiomp5.dylib" to

the project, but got error message below,

what I need to do to fix it? Thanks!

Fortran 14.1 command prompt redefining environment variable COMMONPROGRAMFILES

Has anyone noticed an issue with the intel 14.1 command prompt (either 32 or 64 bit) and having the COMMONPROGRAMFILES environment variable changed from the windows default (C:\Program Files\Common Files) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files?  If a try to run some other software that uses the default environment variable from the intel prompt it does not function and I must switch to another prompt that does not support the fortran.  So on my system I have the following set by default

C:\Program Files\Common Files


I am observing some unexpected behavior  from RANDOM_NUMBER.   I am getting differences between sequences generated by RANDOM_NUMBER after using RANDOM_SEED to set the seed.   I am writing to see if anyone can confirm or deny that Intel RANDOM_NUMBER sequences only depend upon calls to either RANDOM_NUMBER or RANDOM_SEED, and there is no dependency,  either on other Fortran routines or C/C++/C# libraries?



Passing an allocated array

I have an array that is defined to be ALLOCATABLE (defined in my main program).  A subroutine is call and that is where it will be allocated.  So the dummy argument of the subroutine also needs to be ALLOCATABLE.  For this work correctly, the subroutine needs an explicit interface and I have that in a module.

After that, the array will need to be passed into other subroutines.  These subroutines will never be messing around with allocation -- simply using the contents of the array.

The file size is twice bigger when writing real8 into binary file.


I am a newbie to Fortran language. I try to write a real8 array into binary file using code as follow (compiler: Intel Fortran 2015)

open(unit=219, status='replace',file='data.bin',form='unformatted')
do j=1,ny2dval
do i=1,nx2dval
   write(219) fzavg(i,j)
end do
end do


But the file size is twice bigger than expected. It seems to write a real16 array. Why does it happen? Any suggestions?


Thanks a lot!



Find All References causes Visual Studio to become unresponsive

When I right click a Fortran subroutine and choose "Find All References" from the context menu, Visual Studio becomes unresponsive. I must use task manager to end Visual Studio's process.

My solution is comprised of mixed languages C++\C\Fortran\.NET.

Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013
Version 12.0.31101.00 Update 4
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5.51209

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