Slides from May 4th Webinar on Cilk

Hi all,

We did a webinar this morning at 8am Pacific time on changes and new updates in Cilk in the Intel Parallel Composer beta. I am posting the slides here. Let me know if there's any interest to do another webinar on this around 5pm or so Pacific time - I want to see if there's anyone that couldn't attend due to the time that would have liked to attend. Thanks everyone, and I really enjoyed the questions in today's session.

Intel Visual Studio


I tried to install the Intel Visual Frortran Studio XE but I get some messages which are shown in the attached Word file.  The other attached document shows the Intel Visual Fortran Studio XE comes with Microsoft Visual Studio Shell and Libraries (highlighted in yellow).  It appears that Visual Studio Shell and Libraries are not installed.  I used these with PTI PSS/E software.  How can I get the Visual Studio Shell and Libraries installed which are part of the software I purchased?

Could you please help me resovle this issues?



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This article makes available third-party libraries, executables and sources that were used in the creation of Intel® Software Development Products or are required for operation of those. Intel provides this software pursuant to their applicable licenses. [Intel® Graphics Technology, Intel® Composer XE, Intel® C++ Composer XE, Intel® Application Debugger, Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture Debugger & Intel® JTAG Debugger]
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  • Math evaluation puzzler

    In the following snippet, Term1 is part of a larger equation:

    real(4) :: Term1, T, Twb, Tref
    T = Twb
    Tref = 273.15
    Term1 = ((2501.6 - 2.3263*(Twb-Tref)) / 2501.6 + 1.8577*(T-Tref) - 4.184*(Twb-Tref))


    With the temps equal to each other, this term should go to 1.  In fact, by inspecting the form of the equation, it's obvious that it should go to 1.

    However, in IVF - when I pause in debug - Term1 is evaluated as -63.62723

    Here's the puzzler part:

    undefined references for static library and shared modules

    We are having issues on windows 7 visual studio 2012/2013, using the intel compiler version 15.
    Package ID: w_ccompxe_2015.2.179 w_fcompxe_2015.2.179 w_compxe_2015.2.179w_mkl_p_11.2.2.179

    This package contains:
           Intel(R) Math Kernel Library 11.2 Update 2 for Windows*

    We are building both a shared and static library composed of D.F90, D_gen.F90
    and H.gen.
    We then link this library with the main.F90 both statically and shared and
    with static or shared modules.

    Rogue Wave* IMSL* Fortran Numerical Libraries 7.0 for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Windows*

    The Rogue Wave IMSL* Fortran Numerical Libraries 7.0 package includes: 

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