windows installer failed to configure product

Last week i upgraded to parallel studio xe 2015 update 5 professional edition.  When starting visual studio professional 2012 for the first time it says (incompatible) The application is not installed.  So after reinstalling and reading the warnings, i came to the conclusion it wasn't compatible with VS 2012 (i forget the exact wording).

So i installed VS 2015 and parallel studio xe 2016.  I couldn't get my project to build... some error with rc.exe...

command to run command prompt

2016 won't install on laptop (see other thread)

upgraded other PC from W8.1 toW10. Start button

does not work. tried all suggestions produced by Google

except REFRESH.

2016 does install

tried ifort directly after executing psxevars.bat-- linker error.

Is there a way to start an IVF command prompt window from

a command prompt window (or clicking on some file, or

whatever)?  Thanks.

Compatibility with Windows 7 64-bit

I have been running Intel Fortran Compiler, version 10.0.027 in Windows 7

32-bit with no issues. Recently I switched to windows 7 64-bit. During instalation of fortran compiler

I had a "known compatibility issue" message. During compiling (from command prompt)

there were path issues from ifortvars.bat, "could not find link", etc. I assume 

there is a fix for this on-line but could not yet find it. Could you direct me to 

an appropriate fix?

Thank you


Compiler automatically set not declared variables to zero


I am developing an already existing code. When by mistake I insert a not declared variable in the code, for example because of a typo, the compiler don't give me back an error but define this variable by itself and set it to zero. In this way it takes a lot of time to find bugs.

How can I avoid it?

I'm compiling with:

ifort -O3 -axCORE-AVX2 -xSSE4.2 -ipo code.f -o code.exe -extend-source -r8 -lmpi -vec-report2



VS2010 Environment Vars in Intel Fortran project

'm using a VS2010 C++/Intel Fortran XE2011 mixed environment on Windows 7.

I have a VS2010 Solution with both C++ and Fortran Projects. In the C++ Projects, the project file successfully resolves VS Environment variables, such as $(Platform) and $(ProjectDir). However, the Fortran project does not successfully resolves those and through's compilation errors.

A colleague of mine sitting next to me doesn't have any issue with the exact same Solution/Project files - so we think it has to do with Installation or Software Settings, but we've found nothing.


Assine o Fortran