Cordova CLI 3.3 and 3.5 build options to be disabled

The Intel XDK build system will stop supporting Cordova CLI 3.3 and CLI 3.5 builds on Monday, September 21. Please upgrade your existing projects to CLI 4.1.2 ASAP! The current production release of the Intel XDK (v2366) defaults to CLI 4.1.2 for all new projects. Insure that you are using the most recent version of the XDK so you can upgrade your project to CLI 4.1.2.

Intel(R) Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v2.5 has been release - Please Read

The new version of Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC has been available on, which mainly includes following new features: 1. The Client SDK now provides support to develop native apps for iOS on both P2P and conference communications. 2. Support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) stream input into MCU conferences. 3. A flexible media recording with added forward stream recording and user-controlled recording switch across streams. 4. Support for on-the-fly display region control in mix stream for each participant. 5.

XDK Login Changes and Issues

Hello Intel XDK and forum Users,

As of today (June 26, 2015) we have finished our migration of Intel XDK accounts to the more secure login system (the same login system you use to access this forum). You will see a new login screen when providing your userid and password to the Intel XDK, and to App Preview. This is the login system you are seeing. Other than the change to a new login screen, there will be no difference for the majority of Intel XDK users.

pushing green BUILD button does nothing

If you push the green BUILD button after uploading your app and nothing happens (or you see the "build spinner" appear and then quickly disappear) you may have a project GUID conflict. This can be caused for a variety of reasons:

  • you own multiple accounts that have projects with the same name
  • you have multiple projects (with different names) that were copied from the same original project
  • other security and authentication upgrade effects

The simplest solution to this problem is to:

Intel XDK IoT Edition- June release announcement - Version 2170

Announcing the latest version of the Intel XDK IoT Edition.  The version number is 2170.

Some of the new features in this update are:

  • Mraa and Upm library API calls are now provided as part of code hinting
  • Added an Mraa/Upm updater
  • Added a scrollbar to the terminal window for a better UI/UX experience
  • Improved the debugger
  • Added the ability to pass parameters to Node Apps at launch time

For detailed information on the release, please see the release notes here: 

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