Facebook Connect

Something is happened now with my app, because when I try to login with fecebook I get the message that that the given url is  not allowed by the application and this works before, think that I have to add a web platform to my facebook app but what is the site url that I have to enter here or if is another solution let me know, I am getting this issue in Android and in IOS do not show the message but doesn't work too.

Certificate error uploading APK to Google Play


I have a problem uploading my latest Crosswalk build to Google Play. I get an error message:

Upload failed

You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate.


I just read this thread ( and have a similar problem to Victor.

Portación de aplicaciones de Chrome* a plataformas móviles con Crosswalk y Chrome Apps for Mobile

Las aplicaciones de Chrome funcionan en todas las plataformas para las que existe una versión actual de Chrome, entre las que quedan abarcadas casi todas las plataformas de escritorio; este no es el caso de las plataformas de dispositivos móviles, que a menudo usan un modelo diferente de hosting de aplicaciones y tienen sus propias tiendas digitales. Como las aplicaciones de Chrome se crean a partir de tecnologías basadas en el navegador, técnicamente podríamos reempaquetarlas para móviles con Apache Cordova* y enviarlas a las tiendas.

App Preview VS .APK file



I had a great joy testing my app on XDK app preview. It was running fine and looking as expected on Intel App Preview. 

However, when I compiled it into .APK file, it appeared very different to the app preview. 

Am I doing anything wrong when building .APK file? The look on App Preview is correct one.


I can only compile with 'Legacy Hybrid Mobile App Platforms'. It crashes with an error when I compile with 'Cordova Hybrid Mobile App Platforms'

build failed with 3rd party plugin (2337)

I'm working on a cross platform application (android/iOS/WP8) with barcode scanning functionality using XDK.

But since the deprecated plugin (com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner) doesn't seem to work on WP8 I wanted to try the new plugin which is available via this GIT link:

phonegap plugin add

XDK retrieved the plugin correctly and added this line in the XML's

This was added in the Windows8 / crosswalk XML's by XDK:

App preview issue[Resolved]

I''m trying to use app preview but none of the projects will start. I've used them b4 but now suddenly it doesn't work, neither does the demo apps. I've tested on iphone 4,phone 6 and android 4.4.2.

I'll show an example of what happened when trying to start a demo app, as you can see it complains about not having and index.html page, however this isn't true:

Assine o HTML5