Javascript feature only available in ES6 (use esnext option)


I have some JS code which uses function pointers and yield. This code works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but XDK gives me the following messages:

 'function*' is only available in ES6 (use esnext option). (W119)    function* coro()
 'yield' is available in ES6 (use esnext option) or Mozilla JS extensions (use moz). (W104)    x = yield undefined;

The messages suggest I need to use the "esnext" option, but I am not sure how to do this.

Thanks for your help.

Intel XDK IoT Edition- June release announcement - Version 2170

Announcing the latest version of the Intel XDK IoT Edition.  The version number is 2170.

Some of the new features in this update are:

  • Mraa and Upm library API calls are now provided as part of code hinting
  • Added an Mraa/Upm updater
  • Added a scrollbar to the terminal window for a better UI/UX experience
  • Improved the debugger
  • Added the ability to pass parameters to Node Apps at launch time

For detailed information on the release, please see the release notes here: 

New Build 2170 email link to download app not working

I've just installed the latest version of XDK 2170. Re-compiled my app which was fine, received an email on my iPhone as with previous builds, but when clicking the link Click here to install you app OTA on iOS 4+ devices, I get Cannot connect to

I am logged into my account on the iPhone and can see my applications via the web interface.

About Intel® XDK - Release - 2015 June 29 v2170

Hi All,


I just updated to Intel® XDK - Release - 2015 June 29 v2170. You guys rock. Very developer friendly things like intellisense improvements, code blocks outlining with expand/collapse. It is coming closer to visual studio, the one which I loved it for using for programming. 

I am really thankfull to you guys.


Assine o HTML5