Installation Problem


The old version of Intel XDK is working fine since the software requires to be updated I just did it. Now, the problem is after installation it never run anymore because of a problem. So, I decided to uninstall the older version and download the new one and install it but the problem still occur.

Here is the log after installation:


Intel® XDK Plugins for Sublime Text*

Intel® XDK plugins for Sublime Text*

Rejoice Sublime Text* users, you can now automate Intel® XDK tasks directly from Sublime Text.  With the new plugin for the Intel XDK, you can edit your code in Sublime Text and launch the editor, push to the cloud or device for testing, or start the profiler.

Package Control instructions 

Support for Package Control is coming soon.

Manual instructions

  • HTML5
  • quality of video


    We now have tested MCU 2.0 version in our service in webinars. And we noticed that quality of video (from publisher) changes during videoconference vie time. Is this changing of quality of video depend from Internet traffic and  MCU regulates this quality?

    Thank you!

    geolocalizacion en xdk

    Hola este ejemplo no me funciona: 

    Tengo instalado en windows 7, intel xdk 1536, no lo he actualizado porque la versión que sigue solo trae errores... he perdido el trabajo que desarrollaba, se borran los links de conección entre paginas, se cambian algunos datos etc. 

    Me cambié a mac y la version de mac funciona mucho mejor pero estos fallos me siguen saliendo en la version de windows. 

    How to create new room & enable recording in Basic Sample?

    Hi, I have installed Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC. I am able to connect multiple endpoints and can see mixed stream without any issues. I have 2 questions. I have tried creating new room by changing basicServer.js but not able to achieve. I would like to have at-least 4-5 rooms along with recording option. Could you please help me or share a sample for multiple rooms and recording option.

    Assine o HTML5