localStorage is lost after restart


As a seperate post I'd like to send here, as it is a bit different than the other thread.

I use HTML5 + Cordova Blank project plus AngularJS. Without Cordova build the local storage functionality works fine. However, with the Cordova build, when I set a value at localStorage it works, but when I restart the APP, the values within the LocalStorage is lost.

I have tried both in emulator and on device. The result is same. XDK version 1995. 

I have tried both window.localStorage and just localStorage.

Here are the code snippets I use:

Compiled code not working but ok in debug and App Preview

Ive written an app that tests perfectly under App Preview via Debug and App Preview via Push, however when I compile the app some of the functions do not work. There are no errors during compile and all plugins are loaded according to,the build success screen.

The app has a barcode scanner, it returns the scanned codedata in all test environments but fails once compiled, it doesn't display the captured barcode, completely at a loss. I'm using xdk barcode scanner function. XDK version 1995.

No sound working on Exported construct2 game and on real device preview displays black screen

I have exported my game for "IOS and windows" through construct2 , so it has .m4a audio files. But whenever i export this way on emulator i hear no music or sound. If i export my cordova code by ticking "IOS /windows and Android"   then it works fine. So I have investigated thoroughly and found on console this error 


Ionic Project - get Input text

I am making my first app using ionic and it is going really well so far.

However, I can't see to figure out how to get text put into an ionic input form...???

I am having the same problem with the select form.  It is not easy and the ionic forum is not very helpful.

All I want to do is put in text in an input and be able to save it as a javascript variable.

Can anyone help?

[URGENT] Problem switching to Design mode

I'm a new user of Intel XDK IoT, version 1912. The Code and Design toggling was working fine until recently, I do not know what changes I made towards the coding caused me not able to access the App designer mode and even switch between projects. I tried to restart my pc everytime I face this problem and open it again, everytime it says it has cleared the problem of my project, reselecting it may cause the problem again. After restarting I'm able to access the Design mode, but after working on with my code again, the same problem occur.

Assine o HTML5