Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction :-)

I have two machines, machine 1 OS = Windows 10, machine 2 OS = Debian

setInterval() / clearInterval() works fine on the Windows 10 machine.

On Debian setInterval() works, but clearInterval() does not stop the timer.

Same code used on both machines.

Any suggestions appreciated.



How to fix this scroller speed animation?

When scrolling on my android phone the scroller keeps scrolling even though i stopped scrolling for a while when i remove my finger from the screen. If i scroll with speed and release my finger it looks good. I'm showing a short video from the emulator(i get the same result after build and app preview for android, iphone works good though).

some issue with whitelist : app stopped working after update : Crosswalk not working

1: i had make app to play video from html crosswalk app using intel xdk my app was working well with intel xdk 2966

video is inside my project and below is code

<video width="80%" height="auto" controls="controls" id="myVideo">
                <source src="video/kitkatfinal2.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

2: after intel update video does not plays now ,do i need to update

i can see some whitelist in update in new xdk , i did below but none of them worked

3: added below meta to top of page (video.html)

The problem with signing the application


I have trouble with the publication of android mobile applications on Google Play. This morning I re-install Intel XDK, unfortunately I have forgotten my password, it's time to reset and enrolled in intel XDK.

I tried to compile and publish an application on Google Play, unfortunately in my Google Play reports bad signature.

Do you know where the problem could be?


Sorry for the bad English, I'm from the Czech Republic (Europe) :-)

Provisioning Profile

Hello, I am having trouble with the provisioning file I keep getting this error, hope someone can help, 

      * Warning: No Provisioning profile found

     * Error: Provisioning profile is missing from the configuration file.

 I have tried deleting certificates and making new ones with my apple development I have made all sorts of certificates, can someone tell me what certificate I need so I am doing the right thing to publish the app to the app store . Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section as I haven't needed to post before.



cordova-plugin-local-notifications fails to build in CLI 5.1.1

Subject pretty much says it all ... works fine in an app I have with CLI 4.1.2, fails every time building in 5.1.1.  Doesn't matter if I actually use the plugin or not in my code.  Also, whitelist changes (up to and including complete removal) have no impact.

I'm attaching the log - relevant part seems to be this:

Problems with Intel XDK 2496


I have updated Intel XDK from 2366 version to 2496 today and I´m having a lot of problems adding third party plugins. For example imagine I want to add this plugin to my project:

According to its XML file(and that is the way I followed in the 2366 version) this is the information I need to load the plugin:

Confused With Integrating Admob from Intel XDK and Floatinghotpot

Please, I've been struggling with integrating admob into my apps..

Everytime I try to integrate admob into my app . I don't see any banners.But I notice in admob it says "Link App" I tried using the floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro  in my app it doesn't work. I don't see any ad banners still . I usually embed the codes within a comment and after the close body tag.

Assine o HTML5