app framework 2.2 documentation

Hi, today i was trying to see the documentation of app-framework 2.2 but  the page show me this message: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

i´m working on a project  and i need the documentation, someone knows what is going on with the page??

App signing if the XDK is re-installed

If I use the XDK to sign my Android app, what happens if I re-install the XDK, or install it in a new computer in the future and I need to publish an update to my app?

Is the app private key stored on the cloud forever for the user? or it lost in that case, which would make it impossible to update the app?


Help needed to install PhoneGap Plugin BarcodeScanner.


I am new to app development and am in the process of building a JQuery cross platform app using Intel XDK.  I need to build in a barcode scanner and want to use PhoneGap BarcodeScanner plugin, but I am really unsure how to go about this.  I am able to import the plugin into my project, but it doesn't show up in my developer tab files. I am also not sure how to go about building the javascript file to link to it as there seems to be no documentation with the app explaining anything.  

InAppBrowser - change button color, show spinner


we need help with InAppBrowerser plugin, please.

After many days of testing various solutions, we haven't find a way to change color of back button and show spinner while loading external page. (we know spinner is white, so it can not be seen on white background). 

We have tried inserting CSS 
and also tried editing local CDVInAppBrowser.m file (located in .../plugins/org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser/src/ios) 

Select Box's data did not wrapped and Lollipop UI Issue

Hello Guys,

I am newbie in intel xdk. I have developed one android application. It perfectly works upto android kitkat enabled devices. But in lollipop, its UI looks different. Select box's data visibled in next line as well as the next items are joined with each other. I attached screenshot with this post. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thank you,


an issue of playing multiple audios in cordova media plugin

Sorry guys, I am back to the troublesome cordova media plugin again! Now I got a new problem of playing multiple sounds using the media plugin in intel xdk. I have a background music loop playing in the app. I also have another sound of some kind for object moving in the app. However, the two sounds interfere with each other when they are playing at the same time. I mean the sound for object moving played initially when the background music was loop playing at the same time, but it then stopped after a while and no more play while the background music is still on.

Assine o HTML5