"I loved how easy it was to get this app to the phone"

I am a web application developer that has worked primarily with php for almost 10 years. Before this project I had zero experience developing mobile phone applications. I had a few years experience of developing back end services for mobile applications. 

Project info: We were asked to create a mobile application that allowed a user to take a photo of a label on a samsung device. This image would then be OCR'ed and provide links to the parts that they sell on their website for that particular device. 

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  • Coding in your browser: Using the Codebox* IDE with your Intel® Edison

    There are multiple ways to write code for the Intel® Edison (Arduino* IDE, vi, emacs, SFTP, Intel® XDK, etc.), here's how you can do it from your browser!

    Codebox* is an open source web-based IDE that you can install on your Intel® Edison. Once it's set up, you can simply point to the Intel® Edison's IP address and code away! Here's how:

    Rapid Makers

    For some while I keep finding around me things related to Makers, Quadcopters, and algorithms. At first I thought that it is just by chance... That IoT is nice, and Makers are having fun, and algorithms are just another way of saying parallel programming and so on... Apparently there is something very unique that connects all these seemingly unrelated areas. You know, it takes a while to realize it, but: if everyone at work speaks Martian, and your barman speaks Martian, and you go back home and your wife speaks Martian, then you probably live on Mars! releases experimental support for the Intel® Edison

    Managing a fleet of IoT devices and deploying code is no easy task. changes the workflow by leveraging Git and Docker technology!

    How It Works

    When you have new code for your end devices, all you need to do is simply perform a "git push". builds your code into a Docker container and deploys it onto the device if/when it's online! Below is an image describing the process, found on's website:

    Intel Hack N' Tell @ SoDo MakerSpace Seattle

    Another busy day in the IoT community here in Seattle! Intel staged a "Come back" event follow up from our previous Seattle IoT Hackathon earlier in the year to see what great projects developers continued building with their Intel Edison boards and IoT DevKits. Here are a few highlights from social media:


    The Intel® XDK provides a comprehensive cross-platform development environment for developing and building hybrid HTML5 mobile and web apps. In addition to the Intel XDK classic edition, an Internet of Things (IoT) Edition supports embedded (IoT with node.JS) projects.

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