HaxLogs.txt in root directory


I couldn't find a way to install the HAXM Intel Emulator Accelerator on Windows 7 (86x64) with the log files properly contained in a user directory. For example, there is a HaxLogs.txt file in the root directory!

Since it's quite messy, could you please let me know how to fix this?

Latest version I tried was 5.2.



Understanding Intel XDK Cordova* Build Files

The Intel XDK provides a Cordova build system based on the open source Apache* Cordova CLI build system. The Intel XDK uses the information you provide in the Projects tab to generate the main intelxdk.config.xml and related build configuration files. These configuration files get submitted with your HTML5 app sources to the Cordova build system for the chosen platform. The Intel XDK build server contains a Cordova CLI environment, so you do not need to install the open source Cordova CLI system on your workstation.

Projects Tab

Use the Intel® XDK Projects tab to choose the active project, create and manage projects, and import app files as a project. The Intel XDK supports several project types: Standard HTML5, HTML5 plus Cordova support, and Internet of Things with node.js (IoT Edition only).

Test Tab

Once your HTML5 app looks appropriate on the emulator, test your app on an actual device running Intel App Preview. You can also use the Test tab to access to the on-device Weinre* remote debugger so you can see JavaScript* messages generated by the app running on device.

Debug Tab

After you configure your mobile device, you can connect a supported mobile device to your development system with a USB cable. The Debug tab provides remote on-device debugging of HTML5 code using the Google Chrome* Developer Tools (CDT) to provide full JavaScript* debugging with breakpoints and profiling.

Projects Overview

Use the Projects tab to create a new project, choose the active project, import a set of project files, choose a project type, check Cordova plug-ins and other app settings, and view the currently active project's information.

Assine o JavaScript*