Free developer software and training with Intel and iHub

Free developer software and training with Intel and iHub

In 2013, Intel began a long-term collaboration with one of the top innovation hubs in Sub Sahara, iHub. This collaboration has focused on enhancing the ability of developers to create rich user experiences on Intel®-based hardware

“The only definition of the iHub is ‘community’. Without the community, there is no iHub.”

Communicate to Arduino code with your Android* Phone by Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) on Intel® Edison


In Arduino environment, it's convenient to access BT SPP like a serial port and react to the command string sent from the BT serial port. Many Arduino projects have utilized this way to allow remote control for their projects. In the past, you'll need additional BT shield or BT kit to archive it on Intel® Galileo. Now, since we have built-in BT support on Intel® Edison, you can use Edison module with Arduino breakout board to do it. NO additional BT shield is required!

WearHacks Kicks Off in Toronto

WearHacks is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wearable Technology and Internet of Things all over the world. They kicked off this past weekend in Toronto, drawing hundreds of attendees and bringing together developers, designers, project managers, students, and engineers with an entrepreneurial and creative mind.

Cómo usar Intel® HAXM para desarrollar aplicaciones de Android* Wear y Android* TV

Android* ha recorrido un largo camino, que comenzó con los teléfonos y continuó con las tabletas electrónicas, Google TV*, Android Wear*, Android TV* (reemplaza a Google TV) y Android Auto*. Para los desarrolladores, puede ser una tarea difícil crear y probar sus aplicaciones para que funcionen bien en todos estos dispositivos. Si a esto se le agregan los diferentes tamaños de dispositivos y resoluciones de pantalla, el problema de verificar y probar las aplicaciones no tarda en adquirir complejidad. Pero Intel® HAXM viene al rescate.

设置WiFi – 英特尔® Edison开发板



在本指南中,您将会了解到如何为英特尔® Edison 开发板设置网络访问权限,并获取 IP 地址。


英特尔® Edison 开发板需要设置串行 Terminal。   如欲了解如何实施,请参阅以下文档:

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